Hello World!

Finally there is it: my new website! 🙌 Built with modern technology and with focus on performance.

Reasons why I wanted to create a new website

1) Learn new things

A few months ago I stumbled across an awesome looking JavaScript framework based on the latest web technologies which advertised with “blazing fast” loading times “in every way that matters”.

As speed is more and more important to websites and one critical factor for search engine optimization (SEO) I was interested and had a deeper look at it. I was so excited about what it offers that I ended up in having a sleepless night and just read about it all the time.

One of the key functionalities it offers are the built-in performance optimizations.

Gatsby automates code splitting, image optimization, inlining critical styles, lazy-loading, and prefetching resources, and more to ensure your site is fast — no manual tuning required.

All these things are built-in without the need to worry about anything of that by yourself. It’s super easy to extend the functionality with a easy to use plugin system either made by yourself or with a lot of plugins made by the community. Gatsby also has a great documentation and if you’re familiar with React a low learning curve.

As my former website was already a few years old and I never really did anything with it I thought it would be a great possibility to learn new things and have a deeper look at Gatsby by recreating it.

2) Share my knowledge

I also wanted to use this possibility to start blogging and share some of my knowledge and thoughts about different topics. Topics I’m probably going to cover are web-development, personal growth, my workflow and things which help me being productive, new things I learn and anything I feel like they’re worth spreading.

As I want to improve my skill in speaking and writing english I decided to write in english only. Maybe I’m going to make it bilingual, but currently I’m not planning to do so in the near future.

If there are any specific topics you’re interested in let me know.

More Informations

My website is open source and can be found at GitHub. Feel free to open up a pull request with changes, optimizations or corrections.

More information on Gatsby can be found on their website.

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Simon Mayerhofer

Web-Developer, Co-Founder of MEDIADUDES